The End of my Cosy Journey

The 'His and Her's cosy blanket
The ‘His and Her’s cosy blanket

As promised, here are the pictures of the ‘His and Her’s Cosy blanket’ set.  This most enjoyable hooky adventure started back in November 2014, when I fell upon this oh so easy and yet oh so fulfilling pattern, details of which I will list at the end of this post, so you too can embark on your very own cosy escapade.


The colour way is simply delicious and has the romance of femininity, which just flounces through the overall blanket, making it just perfect for wrapping up in.  For details of yarn and colours, please see below.


The colour way of the ‘his’ blanket was inspired by the Eastern Bluebird, both blankets incorporate 15 different colours, 7 of which are common in both, and have identical row placement, giving them the same overall tone and therefore linking them as a set.

the blankets share 7 common colours and row placement
the blankets share 7 common colours and row placement

Each blanket is bordered with 4 rows of colour, the first 2 rows being shared by each blanket

denim, camel, plum and rose
denim, camel, plum and rose
denim, camel, turquoise, and petrol

If the truth be told, I’m missing hooking these beautiful blankets… I really have enjoyed my journey and I will definitely be returning to this pattern again and again.  I will leave you with some more pictures and the links below.




her colour way  

his colour way  





27 thoughts on “The End of my Cosy Journey

  1. Well done both are amazing and I bet your parents just love them! I really love how the same colours in both are in the same places, it’s those little things that have made them.

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  2. Love these, oh my goodness! And no fighting over who’s blanket is which, ha! The pattern is quite gorgeous as well, with all the different types of rows – keeps things interesting while it’s being created, I imagine!

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  3. An honest description of enjoying the journey of making rather than wanting the journey to finish with 5″ to go. So inspiring, thank you. As I’ve resolved to buy nothing until I’ve made a big dent in my yarn stash (found some balls I bought as a student 25 [YES TWENTY FIVE] years ago) 😉
    Having said that, I think that I can still use those balls that can only manage one row to make a lovely blanket, even if the result will not be as aesthetically beautiful as yours

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