Yarn a long Sunday #5


top 100 crochet blogWelcome to the first yarn a long Sunday in June.  This is actually the fifth yarn a Iong,  the first four of which I hosted back in March.  If you want to catch up on those you can find the relevant links just here.

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So feel free to grab a coffee or something else to drink and I’ll kick of this weeks topic which is all about sharing your 


crochet hacks, knitting hacks, yarn hacks, or any other crafty hacks.  If you are not to sure what a hack is then here is my definition:

A craft hack refers to any skill, short cut, or innovative trick that increases ease of creating, productivity and efficiency. 

Now, I use a few, but I think the one I use most frequently is using hair pins as stitch markers. 

crochet hacks

I know stitch markers are beautiful and my heart flutters a little bit if the stitch marker actually coordinates to a projects theme…but here’s my rub with them…I can never find one when I need one. 

Hair pins on the other hand are plentiful in my dresser.  They may not look as glamorous as the beautiful stitch markers but they are much easier to attach and remove from projects too!

What is your best craft hack?  Share your best ones in the comments thread below.




14 thoughts on “Yarn a long Sunday #5

  1. Great idea. I have almost lost all my stitch markers. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading all your past posts. Thanks for sharing. I always have a pencil on hand so I can make small notes on my patterns. I also like to place the date when I finish the project in the margin and say a few words about the pattern, in case I want to make it again.

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    1. Hi Connie, thank you for stopping by…I’m glad you have enjoyed browsing through. Making notes on your projects is a great idea. I try to keep my notes on Revelry but I don’t always upload there and I don’t always have internet access, so to keep it in a notepad is a great idea. I like that you keep a note of the completion date. 😊


  2. I think mine might be trying to sew end in as I go along… It makes me feel super virtuous, makes the project look prettier and reignites my enthusiasm for it, and saves that horrid moment at the end of a project when you know you’ve still got hours of weaving in ahead of you 😊
    P. S. Very glad your yarn along is back 😃

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    1. Thank you Julia.
      Weaving in ends…sometimes I’m good at this but mostly I am shocking. I try to crochet over the tails where the pattern will allow, but often this is impossible. You are right though it does give you enthusiasm for the project and virtuous is certainly the best description of how it makes you feel 😊

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  3. I tend to lose a few stitch markers after every project – bit like the odd socks that appear in the laundry! I always have a length of extra yarn in my knitting pouch, if all else fails I can snip off a piece and use it as a stitch marker.

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  4. 🙂 I have stitch markers seemingly everywhere. And small scissors.
    Great idea with the hairpin. If only I owned one. It is the one thing I had loads of when my daughter still did ballet, but since then we have both lost most of the pins. I will admit I do not have any at home.


  5. I’ve picked up a useful sewing tip the other day, to keep my little scissors on a lanyard around my neck to stop them getting lost so trim my ends as I go! Guess this could apply to crochet too? ✂️✂️


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