My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 2…


  In which I progress to pearl stitch…

I have knitted religiously every day this week; just a little bit here and there.  I read about the brain having ‘muscle memory’ and the importance of repetition when learning something new.  If only knitting practice or crochet for that matter toned the physical muscles…I would be a goddess by now!

learning to knitSo I have knitted more squares using the ‘knit’ stitch and I have sorted out the wibbly edge.  I am pleased with my tension and I am not getting a random extra stitch anymore.  I can cast on and off all by myself too.  I have learnt that this knit stitch is also called garter stitch and that when the fabric is separated you have an umbrella and a v underneath…but to count the stitches is tricky.  I am doing 40 rows not 20 like I thought! 

This is my weeks work… 

learning to knit

learning to knit On Friday evening  my Mom came round with some more wine…(there is a theme here isn’t there?) and taught me how to pearl. 

Now as far as I can tell this is just backward knit stitch, but I love it.  It gives a flatter fabric which makes my heart flutter a little bit.  I thought I would be able to make squares just from pearl stitches but Mom explained that I could not do this and would need to make squares to practice that were  made up of a row of knit stitch followed by a row of pearl stitch; repeated…also known as ‘stocking stitch’. 

I love that in knitting there is a term like stocking stitch or garter stitch which refers to a pattern repeat…I don’t think crochet does this so well. 

Anyway, this is my first attempt at stocking stitch…can you notice the BIG whoops?  Yes, I lost track of my rows and must have pearled or knitted two rows together and my flatter pearl rows jumped over to the bumpier knit side! learning to knitOh well!  It may have been the wine. 

I still can’t count the rows…it is so difficult to count the rows. 

Any advice gladly welcome?


part 1 of my knitting adventure is just here  






29 thoughts on “My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 2…

  1. You can do just purl f you want; but it ends up looking exactly like garter stitch. Why ? – because purl is the exact reverse of the knit (or what we used to call ‘plain’) stitch. I’ve been knitting for yonks; but the very thought of 3 or 4 needles makes my head spin, too ! – I use cable needles all the time, even when I don’t need to.
    If you come across any knitting terms you don’t know, there’s a really good source for looking ’em up. Not that you’ll need to for a while, but that kind of info will be really useful to you on your knitting journey – which, btw, is being undertaken with courage (and wine). 😀

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  2. It’s looking great! The more you do, the more you’ll learn to ‘read’ your knitting to identify stitches and rows and where you are in your pattern. It comes with time and practise and occasional help from Google or YouTube! Keep going!

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    1. Yes ! – I use the Web ALL THE TIME for knitting and crochet; whether for patterns or yarns (or occasionally notions), it’s an absolute must.


  3. You are doing great!! Once you master the purl stitch you will literally be able to do all kinds of different stitches!! The seed stitch is one of my personal favorites. Soon you will be knitting in the round and cabling in no time!

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  4. You are doing great! I can see a great difference in your first piece to your most current. You are going to be doing all sorts of fancy stitching in no time. And I agree that knitting and crocheting should definitely be a form of exercise with great results ;).

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  5. you really can see your progress in the garter stitch samples! Well done you! The reason you can’t do all pearl (well you can, obviously, you can do anything you want!) is that it’ll look the same as garter stitch, but it’s a bit more time consuming than all knit stitches.

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  6. Counting rows definitely is something that can be difficult to get the hang of, some of those stitches hide on us. I’ve found it easiest to count the knit side of the work. The knit stitches create this beautiful ‘V’ that is much easier to see and count. I usually use a knitting needle as a pointer of sorts and count each ‘V’ in the row. I hope this helps a bit!


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