#yarnlovechallenge days 21 -24

#yarnlovechallenge... we are almost done, but not quite. 

If you’re not following this on Instagram…here are my days 21 – 24.


Day 21 : Multiples…How pretty are these Robins Nest granny squares?  I always feel a surge of joy when I look at them.  Not only that but they are a complete pleasure to hook.  The free pattern for them comes complete with a step by step photo tutorial.

Day 22: Bag…Well I have had a bag on my ‘must hook’ list for years. But, for some reason I have never got around to starting one, not even as a PHD!  I have purchased the bag handles though.

Day 23: Mend… Not sure how to mend this or why it has happened!  

Day 24: LYS…I don’t like my local yarn store as sometimes they can be a bit moody…and I think that’s off.  You shouldn’t have to walk in wandering if the owners are going to be vexed with one another.  Having said that they stock a good selection of my stock yarn and if I run out it’s handy.  I would just like my LYS to be a lovely, friendly independent that sold some hand dyed as well as the usual.  That ran classes out the back and had a whole yarny community vibe going on….moan over!  

There are now only four days left of this challenge, but it’s not too late to join in the fun, each day in February has a prompt, as long as there is a tenuous link to yarniness in some way your good to go!




3 thoughts on “#yarnlovechallenge days 21 -24

  1. Those granny squares are truly “happy squares”. They make me smile, too, with such beautiful happy colors. I have been many a yarn shop over the years with owners or employees that are just so cold. Makes me not want to go in them. Not that I am the chattiest person, but greeting a customer with a smile and a “how are you doing today? or Can I help you find a new project or help you with a current project?” If I don’t get a friendly greeting, it is most likely that I will not step foot into that shop again. I want to feel comfortable when I shop for a project that usually is going to cost quite a bit of money. Some people shouldn’t be in retail. Just my thoughts. Glad you were able to find what you needed. Maybe the shop needs some suggestions from you? Maybe if you ask enough times, they will begin to think they need to step up their game 😉

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