Autumn Love…

Here are just two little reasons that I love Autumn…

                                                               I think my flask needs a snug little blanket….
                                                                                        pyjamas on…crochet out

Simple pleasures.



5 thoughts on “Autumn Love…

  1. Perfect! Hello- I’m a new follower and I loved this simple post. How can I explain…the photos describe aspects of crochet those that don’t crochet might not understand. Sorry- I’m the philosophical one…. Lol. Anyhow- I just wanted to tell you that I liked it. I recently stopped blogging about general life in Japan and started a crochet blog… It’s blogs like yours that have inspired me to just blog about what I love… 💜❤️💚

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    1. Ah…welcome to the nest…Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your kind comments. I don’t feel like I have blogged a lot of crochet of late, but I have a new pattern which I will post really soon, I’m just waiting to take some good photo’s tomorrow. I hope you drop by again soon xx

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      1. I certainly will drop by- I followed you so that I don’t miss a post. I browsed through your posts- loved all the photos and tales to go with them! Hopefully I will get some steam going on my new blog and you might feel the same. Xo- !


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