Down but not out….

You lovelies who read my blog regularly will probably have noticed that I am not producing so much hookiness of late.  You will also know that I am up to my eyes in assignments, exams, placements and juggling the family.

I’m still working on this… but it is a slow burn…
This has been relegated into the ‘ I will start it again in Autumn’ pile

  It has really bothered me lately that my hook is not frantically producing crochet lovliness at the rate I was before and if I’m honest it has got me feeling a bit blue.  Admiring other hookers (you know what I mean!) being so efficiently productive caused me to ponder if I should continue my blog… after all this space is predominantly for such hooky show offing and if I haven’t got it to show off…. then what should I do?  And then I came across this 

bd7d56f6820700fbe889fcc8aed18f98I love this little space that I get to write in. 

I love this little space because it links me to communities and wonderful people…just like you all across the world.

I love this little space even if no one visits or presses like because it’s mine, because this space celebrates my journey.

  So I’m not out…I’m just slower!





11 thoughts on “Down but not out….

  1. There are no ‘ rights’ or ‘wrongs’, life is what it is, right now. I love your blog, I love your projects, I love hearing about your life. There is not time to do everything all at once. I know how hard it is to juggle family life with work and study, but I promise it is worth it, it does end and knitting and crochet and all the other crafts will be there waiting for when you are ready.
    Good luck in your exams, please relax and don’t beat yourself up over what you are not doing. Look at what you ARE doing! You are doing a great job.

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  2. I know exactly how you feel…….being off the hook or not able to give it the time makes me feel a lil low too…..but you can do only how much you can! So don’t let the hectic days get to you – I am sure you will be off hooking frantically in no time 🙂

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  3. So happy that you have decided to not go out 😉 I think our blogs are our blogs and we add, or not, when we want, or not. It’s always nice to read new things and post new things, but we all have lives and a blog is just a part. But it is a part that is there when we need it to be; whether we want to read what is on other blogs, or write something on our own. It will always be there waiting for us when we need it 🙂

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  4. I understand seeing projects just laying dormant because of life. I am so glad you are still celebrating your journey nonetheless. Keep on keeping on, my fellow hooker! Mahalo.

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