weekend update and a BIG thank you…

So how was your weekend?

I spent mine amongst the study books, so didn’t get much hooking time.  I did have way too many children in the house, making a lot of noise (not great for studying!)



I also had family over for Sunday lunch, which was so great to just kick back and relax.  Although I didn’t get to hang out with my yarn stash much, I did manage some sneaky hooking during a long game of monopoly.



and I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has sent me comments about the new look around here…you are always so positive and it means the world to me





4 thoughts on “weekend update and a BIG thank you…

  1. So nice to see Monopoly played as a board game where kids have to use math and fine motor skills. The computerized versions of these games make me crazy. Just like bowling when the score is computed. We aren’t big bowlers but I grew up as did my kids with having to do the math.


I love it when people leave me comments and I read all of them and will respond as quickly as I can if necessary

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