colour ways

Attic 24's 'cottage colour way'
Attic 24’s ‘cottage colour way’

This is not my idea, but how clever to keep a record of your favourite yarns and to use as a tool to make colour choices.  I chose the colours below for a blanket I am making and it took well over 2 hrs to painstakingly choose them, looking at my screen trying to decide if the colour way was just right… this will make it so much easier in future and certainly more fun!

for my Dad
for my Dad
2014-11-24 14.02.17
wooden pegs and yarn!


Stylecraft DK Special is my all time, go to yarn, because it has an amazing choice of 60 colours, it is washable, dryable, durable and affordable!

2014-11-24 14.03.26

I think this is a great idea…..thanks Lucy x


10 thoughts on “colour ways

  1. This is a far better idea than walking into the local craft store with handfuls of yarn remnants stuffed in my pockets! People look at me like i’m crazy when I do this. It doesn’t help when I’ve thrown away the packaging and have no idea about the brand or name of the yarn I am looking for. Will definitely be doing this 🙂


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