So this is a blog hoppin post, which means I have been tagged to write a piece by the lovely Ruth over at My Spare Moments.

I have been given 3 questions to answer, which is quite fun and I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


Question 1: What have you been doing/making/scribbling at your desk/making table?


Well, firstly I wish I had a desk/making table, but I don’t… our house is way too small…and way too busy for that!  I do have my outdoor crochet corner for when the weather is fine, but I live in the UK, so I’m not out there that often..

crochet corner
My crochet corner


There has not been any hooking out there for a good couple of weeks, hooking has had to come indoors as the weather  has changed, but hooking always continues and I always have several things in progress

mini squares for my scrappy afghan
mini squares for my scrappy afghan


chilli pepper baby blanket
chilli pepper baby blanket
infinity cowl
infinity cowl
doodling future makes...
doodling future makes…


Question 2: Where are you currently finding inspiration?

My inspiration for projects comes largely from need, but I like to feel I am moving forward in my hooking abilities and stretching myself too.  The chilli pepper baby blanket is a gift for a family member who has just had a baby… and I wanted to learn a new stitch technique in with this project, hence the basket weave.  Most of my makes are gifted, so the person I am making for becomes the inspiration for the project.  For example the roses and posies tea cosy made for my friend, who is a chain tea drinker, and the happy ripple made in bright colours, for a friend who needed to be reminded that she had a bright future ahead of her!

these little roses are gorgeous to hook
these little roses are gorgeous to hook


for a special couple on their wedding day!

That and my love for colour inspire me the most.  Right now I am looking forward to my most favourite time of year…. Autumn, so am thinking about cowls and mitts and boot toppers and such other lovliness.  


Question 3: How important is being creative to you? and how do you blend with work/family balance?                                

Well this question is simple… its like oxygen to me… I have to hook!

My Coffee Coaster
My Coffee Coaster


An elderly lady taught me to hook, when my smallest robin was a tiny baby and I had post natal depression, she came to a group that my Health Visitor had coaxed me into… and quite simply I have never looked back and have hooked ever since.  It has become my default setting and just satisfies a part of me that nothing else seems to… no one else at home can crochet, so it belongs to me and yet everyone appreciates my pieces (or seems too!).  Hooking is so portable too, which means I can hook anywhere… more often than not its on the settee in the lounge, amongst the boys playing on mine craft or making loom bands! or at the kitchen table, whilst the dinner is cooking.  Sometimes, at the park sitting on a bench, whilst the boys play, or in the car when I’m waiting to pick the boys up from school, sports or cubs.  It fits in so well with the most important things in my life… my family!


so, there you have it… time to tag another for a blog hop.  I would like to tag Kim at Aunt Maud Knits a truly talented lady, whose projects are simply gorgeous and who may introduce you to Aunt Maud!

mention who tagged you.

What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table this week?

Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

How important is being creative to you and how do you blend this with your work-life-family balance?


5 thoughts on “Bloghoppin

  1. It’s been such fun reading your answers and your right crochet is such a protable fit in with any situation kind of hobby and that’s what’s needed I find for family life.


  2. I was engrossed in your last answer. It was so interesting to read about how you for into crochet. What blessings you had with your advisor coaching you into the group and then meeting that lovely woman who taught you to hook. I’m so glad you kicked that post partim depression and now are blessing others with your generous, golden soul. Liked the pic of your men and boys all safely dressed for cold water and in life jackets.


  3. Hi Nicky…….thanks for nominating me for the blog hop, I would love to take part.

    Your answers were so interesting, the last one especially so as I suffered with post natal depression myself and know what a difficult beast it is to overcome. It’s wonderful that learning to crochet and create helped you through such a difficult period in your life. Any type of crafting brings such peace to the mind I think………it’s sad that so many never discover this.


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