Saturday Morning Suprise

I've got Mail
I’ve got Mail


This is what I woke up to this morning, at no earlier than 10am…. yes 10am!  Not only was 10am such a lovely pleasure, but to be woken by Mr. R with breakfast in bed and some exciting mail has just had me smiling all day.

It was particularly welcome as my week has consisted of juggling work with a poorly little one and with Mr R working really long days also, which makes his gesture this morning quite sweet actually.  I am returning the favour as I type though, as he is having a late afternoon snooze, before we head out into the garden this evening for a glass or two beside the chimenea.

Saturday morning bliss
Saturday morning bliss

So, I had a lovely parcel from Sheery, all the way from California, with 2 lovely crochet squares for my second Global Square Exchange blanket and  my monthly crochet magazine.  After a further whole hour to myself, I thought I ought to raise my body from my bed and resume being Mom again.

time out
time out

My year of projects is getting longer already!!!!


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