Flower Fiesta


This is my flower fiesta art piece… a colourful creative explosion of all things flowery… and that now occupies prime wall space in the Robins nest.  It’s exclusive purpose is to cheer and gladden, created specifically to subconsciously brighten the spirit.  Made from yarn, felt,  buttons and a few beads here and there.


sweet mandalas

Sweet mandala’s

felt flowers

Felt flowers

cotton flowers

Cotton flowers

(The links under each of these photo’s contains relevant pattern details).

So, my part was done.  What I needed now was for Mr. R to work his magic, making a frame…

it's fabulous having a handy husband!
it’s fabulous having a handy husband!

Whilst he hammered and stapled, I tied off all of those loose ends…


and once the frame was finished, I began to plan out this fiesta of flowers, in all of their splendid colours

WP_20160206_15_39_27_Pro (1)

I used skewers as temporary stems and then using a hot glue gun, secured each flower into position.


and began to hand embroider the stems.



I then set about hooking some little leaves; which I am rather thrilled with.   I hooked these without a pattern, whilst the boy robins watched a film and I sat snuggled watching the rain.



Rainy days are always the best hooking days!  

Anyway…I digress.  I did scribble my little leaf pattern down and you can find it just here.  Several rainy afternoons later, when I had made many,


I began the final stage of fixing them into position, with (yes you’ve guessed it) my trusty hot glue gun.




Finally, I set about finishing this piece; creating a signature and dating tag.



I simply LOVE this Flower Fiesta





 a selection of scrumbles
a selection of scrumbles

These are my first attempts at scrumbles…the term given to little pieces of crochet that are hooked without pattern or chart and from the mind only.  Sounds easy right?  Well yes and no!


Easy yes, just put together a series of stitches in any order you like, in any yarn what so ever.  And no, without guidelines it felt a little strange at first…was I hooking a mistake…


from what I have read there is no right or wrong way to hook up a scrumble.


So what do you do with these scrumbles?  Well that’s easy too… freeform.  

Freeform crochet has fascinated me for many, many months now.  It has also scared me a little too if I’m honest.  But, it is so beautiful that I just had to have a go.  

So these are my scrumbles…I’ve jumped in and I’m glad that I have.  These scrumbles are destined for my new pattern that I will be sharing with you very soon.