Around the World in 64 Squares…


I joined a group on Ravelry back in August 2013 called the Global Square Exchange.  It is a fab group of ladies from all around the world who swap squares both crochet and knitted… the beauty of this group is that there is no pressure or time deadlines and you can just dip in and out as life lets you… which gives the whole group a really relaxed feeling, which is definatley what I like about it the most.


first swapped squares received

So off I went about swapping squares from all around the world.  Some from very far away…..


 From India


 some from a bit closer to home!

Thanks Teresa!



Squares from all arond the Globe, India, Australia, USA, Germany and Finland as well as the UK.

                                                                              from Finland


My only request was any colours, any design!  Which was a big thing for me as I love to plan out colours and designs and keep lists and make lists and generally be in CONTROL!!

pink squares

I cant describe the lovely excitement that rises in you when the postman drops that little parcel through your door, or how a carefully placed parcel on the kitchen table enthuses your energy after a long day at work.  It is joyful!

To see what has been created lovingly especially for you, each square stitched and parcelled up, sometimes with extra goodies such as tea/ coffee, postcards or a little letter, stitch markers, ribbon, buttons, recipies, bookmarks, patterns, pens, stickers for the boys and sometimes even yarn itself, caused me to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I think too, I should mention how oozingly happy it is to make someone a parcel also.  To send it off and then to wait to hear that it arrived and that its owner is as delighted as you are.  So all round happiness.  Everyone could use some more of that!


Slowly my squares were accumlating in number and I stored them in an allocated basket, wandering honestly if I would ever put them together, or if I would ever have enough to make a blanket.  I decided I wished to make a camping blanket as if I’m honest, I thought that the randomness of the squares, although individually beautiful, would not coordinate into a handsome blanket, so a tent may be the perfect place for such an object, where usefulness succeeds prettiness.  HOW WRONG WAS I!!!


friends around the globe x
friends around the globe x

I honestly dont think I ever imagined that random squares could make such a beautiful blanket, not only is it beautiful, it is quirky,  bespoke, and totally gorgous!…. I am definatley taking it camping, and then definatley keeping it on show and snuggling in it! 

This blanket has become very special to me…. perhaps because it has connected me with people around the world whom I shall never meet, but who have become special to me through this project.  And I have learned that planning and order have their place…. but actually to surround myself with the things that I love, whether they match or not makes my life richer x