Sometimes just being underneath crochet is enough!….

I have not been overly productive on the crochet front since the New Year began, largely down to  a chest infection and it’s lingering gift of tiredness. So I have settled for being under my crochet instead…

crochetI have started my new book which I got at Christmas…it has been on my wish list for a while now and I am really enjoying turning the pages and soaking up the next page of words…I haven’t read a book for a long time.

crochetI have put the border on my second ‘Yala’ blanket…I know I have not shown you the first yet, but I am thinking of ordering some cork disc labels to add to them and they are in need of blocking also, so you will have to wait to see them. 

Whilst adding the border this morning I relished the feeling that time had slowed down and I drank in the atmosphere here at the nest…home, sweet home.  I enjoyed the sound of my youngest two robins chitter chattering to each other and tried to absorb all of them, even their bickering.  They are growing so quickly, and I know that in a blink of an eye I will be sat here hooking, wandering what they are doing and when they might visit.

sunsetI spent the afternoon baking for the week ahead and we managed to catch the sunset whilst walking the dogs.  It was windy and the trees swooshed noisly above our heads. I was grateful to be outside, kicking up the leaf litter and breathing in the cold air; I was even more grateful to come home into the warm, pull on my pj’s and heap my bowl full of slow cooker chilli.

My plans for the week are particularly hectic…today may well have been the calm before the storm; so I plan on spending little snippets of time through out the week doing more of the above, wherever I can…because sometimes just being underneath your crochet is enough. 

I hope you have a good week whatever your plans.



18 thoughts on “Sometimes just being underneath crochet is enough!….

  1. Wishing you a wonderful week. Hope you feel better soon. What did you bake and do you ever share recipes. Your slow cooker chili shoulds yummy 😋.

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  2. Get well soon. We can admire your crochet already made until you’re back with your mojo. Having felt the same before Christmas, craft took a back seat a bit for me too. I started a couple of things, just, lay down on the sofa a lot, am still playing catch up with the odd few rows when I feel like it – it’s still progress, a little slow, but everything is finally growing again!

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  3. I completely understand! I was thinking that sometimes we sit and crochet things for others but don’t spend enough time just enjoying our work! I too am slowly getting out and about after a broken foot and then the flu. I hope you are on the mend and slowly catching up. I’m having fun working on the Coastal Crochet blanket!

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