Call out for Pattern Testers

pattern testers wantedAre you interested in being a pattern tester for me? 

If you are keep reading. 

I am looking for a few of you to test crochet one of my patterns.  If you are not sure what this entails, I have set out what I require below…of course you can always ask your own questions if you are still unsure.

Do I need to have test crochet before?  Nope… as long as you can crochet and read from a written pattern you are good to apply to be my tester.  Infact, I am looking for  people with varying abilities of crochet.  

Is there a deadline? Yes…if you are successful in applying for the role of tester I will require you to finish the test within the specified deadline.  See below for more details.

Other than crochet the pattern on time what else do you need me to do?

 Good question! 

I will need you to give me lots of feedback, to include the good, the bad and the ugly!  

Spot typo’s and grammatical errors and make  pattern corrections. 

I need you to keep in touch even if this means you can’t meet the deadline…life happens, I understand that.

I also require a good quality photo of the finished item that I will be able to use on all social media…I will of course tag you. 

You need to be able to keep a secret.  If you are selected to pattern test for me, I require you to keep my pattern out of the public domain during testing and until the pattern goes live.  However,

I will require you to be active on social media once the pattern is live….What does this mean?  Once I have published the pattern and it is available on general release, I would like you to post your picture with a link to the pattern.  I will let you know when the pattern is live. 

Do I get paid to test a pattern? Nope…I wish I could say yes, but sadly the answer is no!  However, you will get the pattern fully edited for free  and if your photo’s are of good quality I will use them here on my blog and in my social media and I will always tag you so people can head your way!

Can I make changes to the pattern?  mmm….I need you to follow the pattern as it is written.  With regards to yarn I will make recommendations, but this can be negotiated as different yarns will give me more thorough feedback.  It’s all down to communication. 

Do you supply materials? Nope, I only send you the pattern, you will need to supply your own materials

How will communication happen? via email. 

I think that about covers it…other than deadlines.

The pattern and deadline details are below. 

Crochet cupcakes

( cotton or a cotton mix yarn in several colours and toy stuffing will be required)

deadline for applying is December 31st 2018 deadline for completion is January 31st 2019

I do have some more patterns in the pipeline that will need to be road tested, so watch this space. 

If you are interested please complete the contact form at the bottom of this post.  In the comments section please state

1.your level of crochet experience ie/ beginner, intermediate, advanced

2.a link to your crochet social media / ravelry account if you have one

3.a little bit about yourself ie/ where you are from, how long you have been crocheting for.


Thank you in advance, I will look forward to hearing from you.





4 thoughts on “Call out for Pattern Testers

  1. I enjoy crochet work, but don’t think I am that great at it. Would say I am somewhere below intermediate 😊


    1. Hi Birgit
      Thanks for your interest in pattern testing. I have had a lot of offers so far, I will let you know by the 31st Dec 2018 if I need you to pattern test this time around. I have some more patterns in the pipeline too…so watch this space. xx


    2. Hi Birgit,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch with me and offering to pattern test for me. I have received so many applications from people I have been very surprised. Due to the number of responses I have had, unfortunately I have to decline your kind offer this time around. I will however be requesting for testers again in the near future.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for visiting my little blog and to wish you a very Yarny New Year.

      Kindest Regards



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