#yarnlovechallenge days 17 -20

#yarnlovechallenge... if you’re not following this on Instagram…here are my days 17 – 20.



Day 17 : Ink…No tatts to show, but I do have a yarny shopping list!

Day 18: Art…Well it had to be this ‘Flower Fiesta’ wall art that I hooked a while ago now…the link to the post is here and the little leaf pattern (which is free of course) is just here

Day 19: Notebook…I have notebooks in every room of the house, except the bathroom.  I even have one in my car because you never know when the creative lightening bolt may strike. 

Day 20: Swatch…I’m not a fan of swatching…at all!  But I did do a little one for my charming harbour blanket, because I don’t usually hook with navy and I wasn’t sure if I could commit to a big project without swatching first.

It’s still not too late to join in the fun, each day in February has a prompt, as long as there is a tenuous link to yarniness in some way your good to go!




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