waiting…walking and a wooly dilemma…

As I have been waiting extremely patiently for the postman to bring me a yarn shaped parcel; walking has featured as a daily pass time since the weather has been so cheery.


We have stomped over fields in the sunshine,


rambled down pathways


and climbed over gates.


We have wandered through woodlands and I have admired the dappled sunshine dancing on the ground.  In the evenings I have been hooking this…


a light weight artfully simple angled scarf (designed by the very talented Tamara over at Moogly) in a 4 ply Sirdar country style yarn.  The colour is 0392….meh!  I do so dislike it when a colour just has a number and not a name.  It is a beautiful old pastel pink, which now I have started, I cant put down.


Still waiting…we have visited orchards


and  walled gardens

WP_20160330_12_39_49_Proand stumbled across these little guys (very cute indeed).


Finally, a yarn shaped parcel arrived and a dilemma.


Well, I just couldn’t resist this gorgeous wool alpaca blend in (0519) or charcoal grey.


Nor this beautiful compilation of cotton.  So, now I have the Robins nest squares to finish, my artfully simple angled scarf and new yarn screaming “hook me, hook me!”  What a fabulously fantastic woolly dilemma to be in. xxxxx

9 thoughts on “waiting…walking and a wooly dilemma…

    1. I was daunted at first by working in cotton, but I have found it gives lovely stitch definition. The cotton I had before was mercersised and does have a higher lustre than the Paris cotton. However, the muted colour of the unmercersised is just what I was after as for how well it hooks up….we will have to wait and see xx

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  1. What an awesome time. Even though waiting, I am sure it was so worth it. I love all your photos, and seeing your part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.
    Stunning yarns, I am looking forward to seeing your future projects as well.
    Have a good week. 🙂

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