Uneggspected Happiness…

Betty, Bo, Heidi and Sunita

It may be cold and wintry, grey and dull, but my girls, Betty, Bo, Heidi and Sunita have done me proud…after a hiatus in egg production, look at what I found this morning….I am just delighted and am thinking of an omelette to celebrate.  Spring can not be too far around the corner now… look at what else I have found today whilst I was walking with the dogs…


The daffodils in the park are piercing through the earth, announcing ‘new beginnings’ for that is what their name means.  Its bright yellow trumpet like appearance, boldly and beautifully exclaiming the hope of Spring and reminding me of the resillience of nature.  

The very sight of these eggs and daffodils today has caused me to feel such a reassuring and familiar peace nestled alongside a quickening of excitement in my soul….unexpected happiness.




4 thoughts on “Uneggspected Happiness…

  1. Loving the eggs. Sometimes think chickens would be a great idea. Although I think my two cats would spend the days stalking them. I love seeing the bulbs coming through – especially snowdrops and daffodils.

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