16 days to go!

colour therapy
colour therapy

Just a short update this week and here is why…..

It is with great panic that I have to report that I am still hooking the main body of this blanket, which is my Mom’s Christmas present (I have one to start for my Dad, yet, hence the panic!!)

I had almost finished it last week, when I noticed a distinct increase in stitches, meaning the sides were not straight.  The reality of this meant that I had to rip out over a weeks worth of hooking and so now I am behind…seriously!  My ONLY saving grace might be that I finish work on the 18th so may be able to make some time up then.

My error…simply becoming complacent and not counting every 4th row or so as this is such a simple pattern.  Anyway, let’s not dwell, lesson learnt and it is such a lovely pattern that I am still very much in love with it.

Now, I must get back to my hook



17 thoughts on “16 days to go!

  1. I totally empathise. I am having a sock-a-thon. Someone (me!!!!) thought it would be great if we all had a pair of hand knitted socks for Christmas – I could see the blog photo opportunity – but so far only two people are getting socks. If all else fails I will have to darn an old pair for me. Good luck with the blankets. Looking very good. Mxx

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  2. I hate it when it gets to a point and you have to rip it out. Had to rip out 15 rows of my last one, but I’m now half finished the 7th and last of the Christmas blankets for my grandkids. Whew! I’ve found that the corner to corner is the fastest pattern for me, and no worries about the added stitches at the end of the rows (my downfall). If I only had a couple more months I could make the grocery bags also, but time is running out. Yours is beautiful, and I hope you get it finished with time to breathe between stitches. Love your colors.


  3. Oh how I know that feeling of holiday crafting! I always have grand ideas of all the beautiful things I will create, but never end up finishing them on time (or not at all). In my defense, I have only been crocheting and knitting for 3 years, so this year I plan on starting all my serious gifts NOW. Good luck on your future projects!


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