It’s all Jess’ fault!!!

My head has been turned a little recently and I have done absolutely no hooking what so ever…. diddly squat….nothing…

and this is why

5 weeks tiny xx
5 weeks tiny xx

This is little Jess, just 5 weeks old in this picture, we didn’t get her til yesterday, when she was 8 weeks old, but the anticipation and waiting has rendered me unable to settle to anything let alone hook.  So now that she is here maybe, just maybe I will pull out that hook!!


7 thoughts on “It’s all Jess’ fault!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, how adorable is Jess, what kind of dog is she, I just love dogs, having two of my own and they are only a year and the other 6months, love them. How could you settle to anything with that bundle of joy around, looking forward to some pictures of Jess over the coming weeks and months.


    1. Jess is a schnoodle, her Mom, Lucy a minature schnauzer and her dad, Wilfred a minature poodle. Alfie our 9 yr old lab is getting old and as he is the almost perfect dog, I wanted him to pass on his calm nature and placid ways. It has only been 24 hrs since they met, Alfie still not sure but I’m sure they will be become best buddies in no time!!


      1. Ours were like that when they first met even though they are close in age already but I came out the first evening to find Jasper giving the ball to Dexter to play with and knew he’d accepted him and they’d be friends and have been, they have a tag team mischief thing going on as well which is quite funny


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