Alpaca All the Way

yearofblogsshortbanner[1]Week 5 

So if you are a regular here you will know that I didn’t have much to show you in terms of photo’s of progress last week, but had things in the pipeline as it were.  Well, this week has seen the completion of the Happy Ripple which I was really pleased with… and actually had a hard time parting with it, but part with it I did on Thursday, when I gifted it to my friend who had been made redundant.  My friend immediately burst in to tears and said that she would cherish it forever and would cuddle under it even when she was 80 years old, to which I replied that she would be the envy of the nursing home!

happy ripple 3


I also completed my first ever tutorial, the bobble edge tutorial which is a step by step photo heavy, how to.  I do not know who to attribute the technique to, I wish I was that clever to have come up with the design myself, I had so much fun hooking it though, that I just had to show you guys how to hook it to!  If you have a go, let me know what you think of the tutorial, as I say it’s my first… On my original list I wanted to make a tutorial for broomstick crochet and now I have completed 1 tutorial, I am feeling more confident about the process… so watch out for that in the near future!

alpaca yarn - Louisa Harding yarns - Orielle
alpaca yarn – Louisa Harding yarns – Orielle

I took the alpaca yarn down from my bed post and started my summer scarf… a rare project that I’m making just for me and one that I think will occupy me for the rest of August.   The yarn is divine and has little flecks of gold metallic running through it, which gives it a very subtle shimmer


glorious alpaca yarn
glorious alpaca yarn

Here is my progress so far

infinity cowl
infinity cowl

 This gorgeous  8 row repeat geometric pattern is working up with an almost Argyle look.  The pattern is by the Queen of lace… Anniken Allis.

So, that’s my progress… slow but steady.



11 thoughts on “Alpaca All the Way

  1. I loved the ripple and I’m not surprised your friend loved it. I loved the bobble edging and I’m going to be using your bobble edging to edge the three rainbow blankets I’ve to gift so I’ll let you know. I love Alpaca it’s so soft and squishy, I’m using alpaca in my drops of firelight shawl. Your scarf looks gorgeous and I love the geometric look of it.


  2. It may be a slow and steady progress but it’s beautiful yarn and a lovely pattern, I would relish each stitch using such a pretty luxurious wool. How wonderful your friend was so overcome with emotion when you gifted her blanket……….it’s always nice to gift handmade to people who really want it.

    I’ve only been crocheting for a short time but I’d love to use your bobble edge tutorial to make something extra special………hope I can do it justice.


  3. The Queen Anne’s lace pattern looks lovely! And your yarn choice looks perfect for it. I can see the shimmering gold flecks, so I bet it will look great in person. The ripple blanket is beautiful – so nice that your friend appreciates all your hard work!


  4. I can see why your friend fell in love with the ripple. The edging is so unique and really adds to the blanket. Your summer scarf is exquisite. Love the fiber you are using for it.


  5. I love how your friend cherished it right upon gifting. She is the right sort of friend. That alpaca is lovely. I can’t wait to see it all blocked ought.


  6. Squee!!! 😀 I’m loving your bobble edge goodness and the diamond open work is so divine! 🙂 I checked out your bobble tutorial and pinned that bad boy for later ;). Yessaaa! 😀 Thank you for sharing!


  7. The ripple blanket is beautiful, no wonder your friend loved it so!

    the Alpaca yarn is gorgeous and looks like just the right choice for the project – looking forward to your progress with it! 🙂


  8. Such great projects! The bobble edging is something that I’d love to try one day, so now I know where to go for a pattern/tutorial. And that alpaca yarn looks so yummy…


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