C2C Love…

Just  a very short post to share the newest thing on my hook.

paintbox dk cotton
Paintbox dk cotton

I have had this beautiful basket of yarn for a little while now…and although it has been screaming at me to get my hook out everyday since I have had it; I have been patiently waiting  for inspiration to fall.    You see this yarn is gorgeous and deserves to be hooked into something just as lovely. 

I have been wooed by #lemondesucrette’s beautiful heart baby blanket and have admired her progress from afar.  I have also had an overwhelming desire to attempt C2C (corner to corner) crochet.   

So, I have combined these two desires and am now addicted to hooking my own love heart blanket….

paintbox dk cotton
c2c beginnings
paintbox dk cotton
free pattern by MA Santos

I found the pattern on Ravelry by MA Santos and it’s free!  If you have not done C2C before there are some good links to video tutorials within the pattern that are worth a watch.

paintbox dk cotton
love heart blanket…I’m hooked!

It’s quite addictive and I am totally smitten!




16 thoughts on “C2C Love…

  1. Way to combine the 2 desires. Your love heart blanket is going to be bright and cheerful..
    C2C is one of my favorite stitches, thanks for the link. 🙂


    1. I had never done C2C before either. I would highly recommend watching the video links first. It is not my heart pattern, I found it on ravelry, the link is in the post. It is a free pattern by Crochet Zone xx Hope you enjoy C2C XX


    1. Hi Annette,

      I’m no expert but I joined my squares using a simple whip stitch you could take a look at this tutorial to help you.

      There are other tutorials for double crochet joining too…take a look at my tutorial just here. There is also a join as you go method, but I’m guessing that you have all of your squares made so this wont be appropriate. Hope this helps x


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