The smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention…

Here it is all complete… and I

love, love, love it.  



Made from scraps, excluding the edging, this little blanket has provided me with the hooky colour therapy that I so needed.  I had made many of these charming squares at the end of other projects, not really being sure of their final purpose.

mini squares made from scraps
mini squares made from scraps

Perhaps a cushion or a giant blanket I thought, big enough for all the robins to snuggle under…yes! that is what I decided upon, a large endeavour of love made from these little, beautiful components and so I started. And so it has remained, unloved at times or loved from afar, but most certainly unfinished and alas my latest commitments made the hooky pleasure of this project impossible.

I love a simple granny!
I love a simple granny!

No, a king sized blanket out of tiny granny squares became a lingering burden…and so with some considerable heaviness, the white yarn was carefully frogged.  I felt a sense of failure as I unravelled those stitches and was once again left with a glut of granny’s

a glut of granny's
a glut of granny’s

So, I counted my granny’s out….97….and thought on a smaller scale…hooked 3 more little ones and decided on this 100 granny patch baby blanket.

                                                                                               little beauties…

and as I hooked them back together, in a different way and with a different yarn and with a different purpose, the feeling of failure ebbed away and a new joy arose.



and I discovered that the smallest achievement is always better than the greatest intention… and this little blanket still conveys a large endeavour of love.








23 thoughts on “The smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention…

  1. Giant blankets always sound amazing and fun, but they are just so much work, really! And if it gets to be too much, as you have done, sometimes it’s best to just scale back on size and have something you’ll love just as much! 😀
    Your blanket looks lovely – so colorful and cozy! 😀

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  2. Love your thought – sometimes I do get bogged down, but taking time to figure out what is doable equals success. Thanks for visiting my blog today.:)


  3. What a beautiful blanket. I love that you didn’t give up on your original plan, but with a few changes, you produced this beauty. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Just reading this now from the link. It’s so lovely. You were patient to take the original apart but what a lovely blanket you have made instead.


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