Yarn a long Sunday #8


Well this is the last yarn a long Sunday in this June series.  Apologies for this last session being a bit late…It has everything to do with a manic weekend, a 16 mile charity walk and a wedding in a field!  It is still Sunday in the UK…so only a bit late eh!

I now have  a little collection of cute summer projects and if you follow me on Instagram you will know what has captured my heart…but I will post about that separately in the week.

This week’s topic is

‘Ask me a question…yes you can ask me anything!’


Go on don’t be shy!





4 thoughts on “Yarn a long Sunday #8

  1. Hello. I was getting worried if you were going to post the yarn along Sunday. I started a knitting project yesterday. How did you learn to correct your mistakes? I bought some beautiful yarn for a shawl and the instructions were for knitting. I know I could find a crochet pattern, but I was told that knitting patterns for clothes were much prettier. And so, I was thinking of you yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful week.

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    1. Hi Connie…thanks for stopping by. I think I have learnt or rather am still learning to correct mistakes by making rather a lot of them! I learn by watching and then repeating over and over…this is the same for correcting mistakes. Mostly my mom helps and shows me but the blogging community help me out if I’m stuck and I ask for help. The lady in the yarn shop will always try to help if I take in a project that I’m stuck with too. I think the hardest part is not getting annoyed by mistakes…I call them learning points 😊


    1. It was a festival wedding, it was just beautiful. There was a tonne of bunting and live music and a hog roast. They married in the round and we all took our picnic blankets and chairs. The sun shone down on us and it was just a perfect day. I think they did all the legal stuff before hand with the registrar. xx


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