My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 4…


  In which I make a giant leap!

You may well have thought ‘Well that didn’t last long!’ and for a wee while there I thought I may never knit again to.  I have not knit since the last time we spoke of knitting just here.  There are many reasons why but they could just be summed up in one word…’life!’ Yes, life has been busy and if I’m honest very, very sad at the nest, due to a very sudden and very untimely bereavement and so as such I have been unable to comprehend summoning up the fair amount of concentration knitting demands from me. 

I have taken solace in my hook and hooked rows of simple half double crochet on my long forgotten Charming Harbour Blanket instead.

So, after a good while without knitting I spent an evening browsing patterns and decided I still may never knit again because they seemed so flipping difficult to read and  to interpret.  That was until I saw this rather magnificent blanket... by Purl Soho inspired by Barbara Walker.  Advanced beginner it said…and I said ‘well then I can do this!’  

I borrowed my Mom’s circular needles and tried to cast on.  There lay my first problem, I had forgotten how to cast on and I thought yet again I may never learn to knit! That would have been an awful shame because my lovely brother had in the passing weeks gifted me these beautiful needles.  

new knitting needles

With a little perseverance and some minor cursing I remembered how to cast on and look…

learning to knit

I  had managed 123 little stitches followed by one row of knit stitches.  What this picture doesn’t tell you is that this took two attempts as I lost a stitch somehow on my first try.

learning to knit

So, you see my knitting adventure continues precariously but it does continue!


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15 thoughts on “My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 4…

  1. So sorry your family had a loss. It’s tough to do even the things we love during this time, but I hope you can find some comfort in stitching. Your blanket looks wonderfully casted on! You are doing great and I am glad you haven’t given up. Lovely set of needles your brother gifted you. You must put them to use 😉

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  2. Sending you lots of hugs xxxxx

    I’m soooooooooo impressed at your progress I would rate that at way above advanced beginner! I didn’t have the patience for having my needles tied together 😜 xxx

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  3. Thinking of you in this time of loss. It is good to keep busy, even if just with a comfortable crochet blanket.
    Lovely knitting, and well done on the beginning cast on and rows. It looks great.
    Take care. Hugs.


  4. Just read all your knitting adventure post, hope there will be a 6, loving all the post. The blanket is beautiful.

    Sorry for your loss, sending my love. X


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