My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 1…


I can not knit. 

I have tried before, but it has not ended well.  For a while now I have thought about knitting, but then I would recall my previous attempts and squash any thought I had. 

But, just the other week I spied the most gorgeous pair of fair isle mitts I ever did see and I thought I must learn to knit.  Then I thought of my previous attempts at knitting and instead of squashing that thought…I thought… I SHOULD really learn to knit.   Of course, me being me I have set my heart on fair isle.  I know it is most complicated and tricky, but it is also absolutely beautiful.  And so, here I am documenting  part 1 of my yarny knitting adventure.  

If you have read my previous post you will know that there is still much crochet going on here at the nest too and that will continue as always.

So, yesterday afternoon after Easter Sunday dinner at my parents house, my Mom fetched her hoard of knitting needles and sorted me a pair of 4mm needles…an odd pair, but a pair non the less.

  Mom, then showed me how to cast on and do a knit stitch.  20 stitches per row and set me the task of knitting 20 rows.

I found the knit stitch reassuringly satisfying as the needles made a gentle clicking sound and of course the familiar feel of the yarn in my hands was heart warming.  The 21st stitch that appeared from no where was baffling as was the loopy first stitch in every row.

  I must also stress the responsibility of holding 20 (sometimes 21) stitches on the needle all at the same time instead of the 1 stitch in crochet required much concentration…which after 3 large glasses of wine was a challenge I must confess.    After a good nights sleep I continued  with my task until I noticed something didn’t look quite right, see…

Now, I still am not quite sure what had happened here, but I also couldn’t just leave it.  So I ripped the rows back

recaptured the 20 little stitches and continued until I could count 19 rows and 20 stitches on the needle.  Now I thought do I knit another row to make 20 rows or do the stitches on the needle count as row 20 already???  Cue Mom and another cup of tea and a cast off lesson to!

learning to knit

I am so pleased, but I still have to get this knit stitch nailed. 

I still need to be able to cast on and knit on my own, visually  recognise the stitch so that I can recognise when the stitch is not right.  I need to fix the wibbly edge and cast off on my own too.  So I plan on knitting some more knit stitch squares before progressing to pearling. 

So, I can no longer say I can’t knit, instead I can now say I am learning to knit.



40 thoughts on “My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 1…

  1. Good for you for sticking with it. I gave up on knitting when I couldn’t make it passed a about ten rows. I knew what I was supposed to be doing but I just couldn’t get more than a few rows without messing up. I ran back to crochet as fast as I could. After all, there was so much more I could still learn in crochet, that I focused my efforts there. I’m a quitter, I know, but I can live with that. 🙂 But I still appreciate and admire those who knit. I’m glad you’re giving it another shot.

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  2. Well I’m only one lesson in. I have quit several times before but I have never wanted to knit so much this time…it feels like I want it more. I’m hoping that will help. I’m also ok with making mistakes now, I never was ok about that before. I thought I’d blog about it to keep me on track and accountable…it will be a journey whichever way it turns out 😊


  3. Congratulations Nicola, you are now a knitter. Keep going. “Practice makes perfect” they say, so by the time you have enough squares to make a blanket …
    LOVE the new logo and header x

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  4. Oh, bravo ! – well done you ! Knitting will bring you the most super satisfaction, I promise; so you must persevere until you’re confident; and with your mother there to help, you should make good progress. I taught myself, and although I can now do stuff like 2-colour brioche lace, there’s still MILES of things I haven’t mastered.
    I crochet too; but as I also taught myself how to do that, it’s not a pretty sight. [grin]
    I’m now an obsessive knitter, as you may well become (and I hope you do – altthough not to the detriment of your crrocheting).
    Cheers from Downunder …

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    1. Thank you so for your encouragement. I too am mostly self taught in crochet, which will always be my passion. I am of the thinking that there is always more to learn, but I find that so inspiring. I will persevere until I have made those fair isle mitts at least! And I am quite convinced that I will become an obsessive knitter along the way. Thank you so much for stopping by. xx

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      1. You do realize what you’re taking on with fair isle, don’t you …? – me, I can’t cope with the thought of all those different yarns. But then, I’m a lazy old fart. [grin]


  5. Awesome, and well done. That is a very good attempt for a first square. 🙂 Learning to knit is just as much fun and learning to crochet. Each has its own ways. Once you can do both, you will always love it. Some projects just looks better crocheted, and others knitted. It is a whole new world of possibilities. Have fun. 🙂


  6. I am way better at knitting than crocheting. I get very frustrated with crochet and find that knitting is much more relaxing. But I do like the look of some things in crochet and some things in knit. And there is nothing like the sound of knitting needles clicking as you knit along. I think you are doing great.


  7. Well done on giving it a go and sticking with it! I learnt to knit as a young teenager and made a lot of knitted toys. I picked it up again in my 30s, but then learnt to crochet and realised that I find knitting slow and tedious compared to whizzing along in crochet!


  8. I learnt to knit a quite a young age, my mum was a crafter and took great pleasure in teaching my sister and I. I can recall sitting there on the edge of the sofa with my tongue sticking out in concentration repeating the mantra, in, over, through and off with each stitch. Perseverance will win through!

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  9. Your knitting looks amazing! Especially for just having started. I find straight needles very difficult to work with, I’m always messing up my tension and trying to keep the needles in the right positions. I now knit only on circular needles, whether it’s a circular project or not, it does help make my projects look neat and tidy.
    All the best in your knitting adventures!

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  10. Well done! Knitting is such an amazing hobby, once you practice and learn new skills it becomes a yarn fuelled addiction 😂

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  11. Listening to the needles tapping on each other is one of the best sounds ever and one of the reasons why i wanted to learn to knit, dont get that sound with crochet.


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