Yarn a long Sunday #2

yarn a long March

Welcome to the second yarn a long Sunday…I hope you have grabbed yourself a coffee or something else to drink.  Last week’s yarn a long was all about why you crochet, knit, craft… and I shared my story of post natal depression. 

Thank you for sharing your stories. I think the two common elements were overwhelmingly how crochet links us with our memories of our older relatives such as grandparents and the importance of passing skills down through the generations.  Secondly, how crochet and creativity links with easing stress and impacts upon our wellbeing.  I also enjoyed exploring new to me blogs too!

If you want to read last weeks thread you can access it just here. 


Todays yarn a long is about your help: Just take a look at this

This is my 100patch granny and some of the granny’s have come unravelled…

 x2 questions really…

Why is this happening?


How can I fix it? 

It’s making me reluctant to start another modular blanket and I so want to, but I wan’t it to stand the test of time too!

Pearls of wisdom welcome in the comments thread below.




20 thoughts on “Yarn a long Sunday #2

  1. Hey there. I don’t have any pearls of wisdom but thought I’d come and say Hi anyway! Is it something to do with where you’ve changed colour, or maybe not woven in long enough ends? I can imagine it must be frustrating though after all that work, and I can understand why you’re hesitant to start something similar. I hope someone can help you figure out out as it’s beautiful

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  2. I found using magic loops were the most inclined to come loose and unravel, so I went back to chain stitch circles at the centre. It is just not weaving in enough and securly enough.

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  3. As others said, for future projects leave longer pieces to weave in to prevent this from happening. I like to go in 3 directions (kind of a Z pattern) to keep them from pulling out. To try and fix the one you have now, use a needle to sew it back in place, then put a tiny dab of fabric glue on it to hold it in place, hopefully hidden inside other stitches. Fabric glue is washable after it sets for a day and is flexible so it doesn’t leave too bad of a hard spot in the yarn.

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    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughts. I like the suggestion of weaving in the ends in 3 different directions like a z shape. I will definitely do this next time. And as for the fabric glue that you suggested, I will certainly give that a go…Thank you xx


  4. Hi Nicola, I find acrylic ends like to slip out so I use a needle to see threads through intentionally splitting the crocheted fibres and then I take the thread back in the opposite direction splitting fibres as I go. This seems to work well. Lucy of attic 24 does something similar and she may have written a tutorial.
    I haven’t used glue but could see that it could be useful at times.
    I generally leave a tail of about 15 – 20 com’s.
    ❤🌼 💐


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