A Dotty Little Flower…

Below is the very quick and simple pattern for my

‘Dotty Little Flower’

which featured in my latest tea cosy design. 

dotty little crochet flowersThe ‘Grandma Dot Tea cosy’ which is part of my Grandma Collection.

I have had some lovely comments and thought putting the pattern for the flower on a separate post might be useful….even though it is so simple, you could hardly call it a pattern!

Maybe inspiration may be a better phrase.

dotty little crochet flowers


 Any how this is what I did.

To make a dotty little flower, ch4, slst to 1st chain to make a ring. 

Ch 2 (counts as a hdc) x9 hdc into ring, slst into top of starting ch and fasten off to finish.
To create a real field of flowers cross stitch some centres,  add beads to others and save some for a french knot centre.  When using beads, just make sure they have large enough centres for the yarn to pass through!

I used a cheat method to create the french knot centre by pulling a piece of yarn from the back of the flower to the front and then tying a knot x10 in the yarn in exactly the same place to make a large knot. 

a dotty little flower


To finish thread the other tail of the yarn from the front to the back, so both tails are now at the back of the flower, tie to secure and trim tails short.

A dotty little crochet floweret voila! 

A dotty little flower ready to be sewn or glued or attached to whatever your heart desires.

The Grandma Dot Tea Cosy, crochet tea cosy, The Grandma Collection by ayarnyrobin
Grandma Dot Tea Cosy


Dotty Little Flower ©2017 designed by Nicola Florence @ayarnyrobin 



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