weaving in the ends and life….

A couple of days ago…after 3 weeks of working shifts on placement as well as working my regular job and juggling Easter holidays with the robins and studying until the wee small hours…..crazy, absolute crazy…. I had the day off!

this is what sanity looks like!
this is what sanity looks like!

Who would have thought that weaving in ends (millions of the things) could be so therapeutic… but it was.  The warmth of the spring sunshine and the peacefulness of being by myself…the boys went off making all sorts of dens with big branches…close enough so that their laughter made my heart smile, but far enough to just allow me to breathe and weave in ends.

I love these colors
I love these colours
all done....just like my placement!
and the view

A busy few weeks, which explains, my absence here…it is so good to have a hook back in my hand.  This giant granny is a long over due gift for a very special lady…who is patiently waiting.  The colour way is delicate and pretty and of course it’s good old stylecraft special dk.


So, I need to get this wrapped and mailed, before the second wave of study hits…





21 thoughts on “weaving in the ends and life….

  1. I am also making a ‘giant granny square blanket’ and you are so right about those ends, there are millions! I TRY to weave in as I switch colors but sometimes I just want to do my mindless 3ds, ch1:)


  2. Do you have any recommendations for shipping afghans? I’ve found lots of information on how to ship smaller crochet gifts but I’m still trying to determine the best way to ship the larger items.

    Thank you for any tips or tricks!


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