a selection of scrumbles
a selection of scrumbles

These are my first attempts at scrumbles…the term given to little pieces of crochet that are hooked without pattern or chart and from the mind only.  Sounds easy right?  Well yes and no!


Easy yes, just put together a series of stitches in any order you like, in any yarn what so ever.  And no, without guidelines it felt a little strange at first…was I hooking a mistake…


from what I have read there is no right or wrong way to hook up a scrumble.


So what do you do with these scrumbles?  Well that’s easy too… freeform.  

Freeform crochet has fascinated me for many, many months now.  It has also scared me a little too if I’m honest.  But, it is so beautiful that I just had to have a go.  

So these are my scrumbles…I’ve jumped in and I’m glad that I have.  These scrumbles are destined for my new pattern that I will be sharing with you very soon.



15 thoughts on “Scrumbles

  1. Good for you! I’ve loved free form crochet since the 70s when I first read Del Pitt Feldman’s books on this topic. If you haven’t seen these classics, check Amazon or your local library. Full of inspiration and beautiful examples.

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  2. They are like little bits of paisley! I made a series with a fine white cotton, hoping to later join them into a scarf. They are still resting in a bag waiting for me to figure out the rest of the pattern. Yours are lovely against the denim 😉

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  3. I am loving your scrumbles, I too have been fascinated and just started playing. I have really enjoyed the process but was using up oddments I had been given and ended up with ghastly colour combinations – hence why I haven’t yet blogged them!! I am tempted to break open some new yarn and start again! I love the subtle colours in yuours. X

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  4. Love it 🙂 been doing these for years because i love to crochet on the train and bus and often leave the pattern at home or too lazy to get it out. I’ve always called it doodling…..have a look at my post today to see a selection


  5. Are scrumbles just the small pieces done freeform or any freeform? I am still learning how to read patterns and have been crocheting on and off for most of my life. I never thought of letting people know which pieces started from a pattern. Thanks for the idea and thanks for liking my post. Happy Easter.

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